Monday, December 04, 2017

New novel - The God Sword

Well, it's been a while since I'm made such an announcement here, but I have a new fantasy novel available in e-book formats at Amazon and other major e-book distributors (the print version will be available in a week or two). The novel is titled The God Sword, a stand-alone book, and I will let the summary speak for itself:

Warrior and general, Lord Kavrik has been tasked by King Osrick to retrieve The God Sword from the city of Gloriolus where the famed blade has resided for untold centuries, in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy which would bring immortality to mankind, easing suffering and ending death itself.

Yet when Kavrik lays hands upon the divine sword, he finds not all is as expected, and the fate of man rests upon him.

Thus begins a journey which spans across thousands of years, from the past to the future and back, where Kavrik meets strange enemies and unlikely allies.

All in the name of faith.


Keith West said...

"it's been a while since I'm made such an announcement here"

And long overdue. :)

Got it and will work it into the queue as soon as I can.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool, man. Congrats. Hope it does well