Thursday, January 10, 2019

Books read in 2019: No. 2 -- Perelandra

by C.S. Lewis

Started: Jan. 4
Finished: Jan. 9

Notes: I just finished the first book in Lewis' science fiction trilogy, and though I didn't care much for it, I thought I'd give the second book a try.

Mini review: Thank goodness this novel is much better than the first in this trilogy for I'd considered giving it up. Here the hero of the first book finds himself on another planet (the Perelandra of the title) in which something akin to the Biblical events of the Garden of Eden is taking place though in a different, alien manner. What to do when the equivalent of the serpent shows itself? Anyway, there is much Christian allusion here, and some out-and-out Christian reflection, as could be expected from Lewis, with many philosophical underpinnings. Originally published in 1943, this one is really more fantasy than science fiction, but to be fair, prior to about 1975 or so the two genres were generally lumped together and not so separate.

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