Sunday, February 03, 2019

Books read in 2019: No. 7 -- The Long Winter

by John Christopher

Started: Jan. 31
Finished: Feb. 3

Notes: I've never read this British author before, so I'm giving him a chance, especially as I've been on something of a science fiction run of late in my reading. This one from 1962 is described on the cover as "science-fiction fantasy" but I know prior to about 1980 or so the two genres were usually categorized together, so we'll see what comes from this one.

Mini review: Holy climate change, Batman, but this was one prophetic novel! A new ice age sweeps down to all but destroy North America and northern Europe, forcing the vast majority of Europeans to flee to Africa where they ultimately become subservient to the locals. Then an expedition from Nigeria is sent forth into Britain. During all of this, the main characters are involved in something of a love triangle which includes betrayals, adultery, etc. It took about 40 pages for me to get into this one, but I was hooked by then. Overall, I enjoyed the book, though the ending did leave a bad taste in my mouth with the main character ... I'll say no more in case you should read this one. Also, after having read C.S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy recently, earlier British science fiction had a quaintness to it that's sometimes downright silly by modern standards; I mean, major problems loom and the characters are all sitting out in drawing rooms while sipping tea and politely discussing the end of the world and the break-down of one's marriage. Seems unbelievable today, but perhaps it seemed logical back in the day to British readers. Still, a pretty good book, this one.

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