Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Beer of the Week Blast from the Past: Great Divide Whitewater Wheat Ale

Beer score: 6.4

Company: Great Divide Brewing Company

While this fine brewing company is still around in Colorado, no longer are they putting out this tasty beer. Still, looking back, I found some notes from a decade or so back about this beer and thought I'd share them.

The style here was a hefeweizen, and it was light and wet with some sweetness, like many a good hefeweizen are. This was a pretty good drinking brew, though that sweetness tended to grow stronger and stronger the more you drank of it, so after a few you might have wanted to switch to something else.

Poured a light yellow, hazy color. Had a flowery scent to it, and went down with some wheat and citrus notes. Again, a good beer, but watch out for the growing sweetness.

Also, though this beer might not exist any more, the good thing is that since the company is still around, there's always a chance this one could come back some day. But even if it doesn't, the Great Divide Brewing folks have some solid beers to enjoy.

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