Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Books read in 2020: No. 24 -- The Outsider

Started: Oct. 9
Finished: Oct. 20

Notes: The Halloween season is upon us, so why not turn to the King of horror?

Mini review: A small town Little League coach is arrested for the brutal murder and rape of the child, but he has a strong alibi including witnesses and himself appearing on video. So how can a man be two places at once? And if he wasn't the killer, then who was? I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of this book, but I felt it bogged down for much of the second half, though the ending was pretty good. Also, I found the main protagonist to be too "Stephen King," if that makes sense. In other words, King fans will enjoy this one, but there's nothing new here. Not a bad read at all, but again, nothing unexpected.

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