Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The bad guy cometh


I've been fighting something for a long time.
I have this villain. He's my favorite character. But because he's a villain, I've been avoiding having him attempt something that's actually beneficial to the good guys, even though it's something that is in his nature to do.
So, last night, I decided not to fight it any more.

Yes, I've got a villain who is sort of turning into a good guy.

The funny thing is, he would chop me up with a big axe if I called him a "good guy."


cyn said...

how's it going with the baddie? =)

Anonymous said...

He'd chop you up with a big axe if you called him a "bad guy," too. I think it's safest to just never call him.

Ty said...

Well, I've shifted away for a chapter or two from the bad guy, but he's going to be returning soon, and he's going to be helping the good guys. I think it will work. If not, there's always rewriting. I've started this third book over once, so I suppose I could do it again.