Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Useless numbers to keep me awake ...

I'm not going to keep track here my daily word count for my current novel, but I'll post the last four days:

Tuesday -- 900 words
Monday -- 600 words
Sunday -- 1,800 words
Saturday -- 800 words

Beyond that I can't remember, but lately I've been averaging about 1,000 words a day, which is less than what I was averaging a few months ago. Then I was averaging about 1,500 words a day.

Also, I've kept track of various word counts for each of my three novels. In the first two novels of my trilogy, the average word count per chapter was about 3,500. Odd though, my average word count per chapter for the third book has only been about 2,500. The first book had 32 chapters. The second book had 21. The third book should have about 30.


cyn said...

question: do you have your novel completely outlined? or have you sat down not knowing where your scene will take you at all?

Ty said...

I have an overall outline in my head. And I usually have notes on my computer that tell me where the next few chapters are going. I also keep a file of "special" notes, things I need to not forget.

It's very rare for me to sit down and write and not know what the current scene needs to accomplish, where it needs to go.
However, sometimes I do an a "blankness" in front of me, where I'm not sure what needs to come next. In that case, I usually try to focus on my individual characters, remind myself where I last left them, what they're doing, and what are they likely to do next.