Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam hangs

I firmly believe Saddam Hussein was an evil man. I am for use of the death penalty (not in all cases, but generally when the person to be executed remains a danger to others). I think the world is better off without Saddam. I think the U.S. is better off without Saddam. Iraq too.

But ... I don't feel any safer. And something bugs me about his execution. I'm not sure what it is ... perhaps the way it was handled, all of a sudden in the middle of the night (though early morning in Baghdad).

It didn't quite seem fair to me. It didn't seem just. A quicky appeals trial, then slam bam and he's hanging from a noose.

I often think U.S. appeals courts take way too much time when dealing with murder cases, but the speed of Saddam's execution has shocked me, I suppose..

I just don't know. Something about Saddam's death didn't feel right.

Can anyone explain this to me? Then I'll go back to writing about writing.

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

I am amazed by but totally loving the swift execution of the execution! That all authorities involved actually stuck to their intentions within their judicial systems and meted out the fair and just punishment decreed is astounding in this Americanized age of more rights for the accused than for the victim. I stand impressed.

Part of the speed, I think Ty, was due to the feared retaliations and/or revolts. By moving this quickly they allowed little room for attempts of escape or attacks of prevention. Now it's over with and they all must move on to preparing for and preventing the retaliations that will follow.

In my opinion, when the evidence and witnesses are overwhelming there should be no chance of appeal. The Arab countries still mete out justice - severe or not is another topic - the fastest of all nations. We can still learn a thing or two from them.