Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year of the Writer

Welcome to 2007. My new year's resolution: Finish my trilogy, once and for all. Then start the next novel, preferably a stand-alone novel.

I'll keep up my hopes for publishing, but I'll hold off using that as a resolution until next year. I've learned so much about writing in the last couple of years, just by the process of working on my trilogy, that my next novel or project should be so much the better.

Myster writer JA Konrath wrote on his blog that it wasn't until his 9th novel that he sold one. I think Stephen King didn't sell a novel until something like his 5th or 6th. The great thing about a trilogy? I've already written three books. If they won't sell, then something down the road WILL sell.

Happy New Year to all you writers out there!

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