Monday, January 08, 2007

Latest blog change

Since I've found a way to do labels on, instead of having a separate blog for the books I'm reading this year (and maybe years to come), I've added the label "Books Read" over on the left side of this page. Enjoy my notes.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Hey Ty! Happy Homecoming!

I was all prepared to post and ask why the hell you were 'hiding' your reading list from us when I saw your link over there on the left and followed it.

Pretty cool.

Now tell me how you did it and how you got each of those other posts (your 3 books so far) to appear like that inside that post? :)

Too many questions? Good, here's another. Are you using the beta blogger?

Welcome back, by the by.

Ty said...

Hey Jason!

To answer all your questions ... yes, I'm using beta blogger ... though I don't think it's called beta blogger any more. I think it's called blogger 2.0 or something.

As for being back, my online presence will still probably be hit and miss over the next month. Still some moving to do, and I'm living at the old place while the other half is living hours away in the new place. I'm still having to work my old job for now. But there's a job interview tomorrow!