Monday, January 08, 2007

No. 3 - Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith

by Kevin Smith

Started: Jan. 6
Finished: Jan. 10

Notes: I was almost through with reading "The Prince," and wanting something a little less dense, when I ran across this book in a used bookstore. I like Kevin Smith as a person (as much as you can know anyone through the Web, their movie work, and Q&A sessions at various colleges) and I like much of his film work. I suppose I'm a fan, though I wouldn't call myself a fanboy. The only picks I have with Kevin Smith are these: I think Kevin has more potential than he's shown on the screen so far, and I think he sometimes goes too far with his twisted humor (the donkey scene in "Clerks II," anyone?). But hey, he's doing what he loves and making money for himself and other people. Good for him.

Mini review: This book is a quick read, and just sheer fun. Fans should give it a look.

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