Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adara Corvus' stats

Here are stats for Adara Corvus when she is first introduced in "City of Rogues," the first novel of my trilogy.

Adara Corvus
8th level Swashbuckler, 2nd level Duelist

STR 13
DEX 19
INT 14
WIS 12
CON 14
CHA 14

Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23

Adara's weapon of choice is the rapier. However, she also often carries a dagger and sometimes a whip.

Though quite feminine looking, she often dresses as a foppish man, with flowery shirts and high boots and in a jacket with puffy sleeves.

Adara is basically a good person, but some tough spots in her life have given her a bleak outlook on life. She does not care much for men socially (but sexually, yes), though she is not above using one for her own ends.

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