Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fortisquo's stats

Here are more D&D stats for another character from my novel. If this info seems pretty basic it's because I'm trying to not give away any plot from my novels or any of the back history of the characters.

8th level Swashbuckler, 6th level Rogue, 3rd level Duelist

STR 14
DEX 19
INT 15
WIS 13
CON 13
CHA 16

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 33

Fortisquo's main weapon is a rapier, but he has been trained in a variety of dueling styles and weaponry. He may sometimes use a dagger or main-gauche in his offhand.

He usually dresses as a bit of a dandy, with silky shirts and jackets with slit sleeves.

Fortisquo can be charming, but deep down he is only concerned with his own wants.

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