Tuesday, March 20, 2007


About another nation from the world in my trilogy:


Dartague is the nation farthest north and east on the continent of Ursia. It's northern section is one long arm of The Needles mountain range, while in the south there are forests and fields. North of the mountain range is the Northern Sea, to the east is ocean, to the south East Ursia and to the west are Kobalos and the Prisonlands.

There is only once city in Dartague, and it too is named Dartague. There are a few small towns and villages, but the people of Dartague have a long history of being fairly nomadic within their nation's boundaries, moving south in winter then back north in summer. They are ruled by an Overchieftain, but he has little true power other than to gather military forces in times of need. Those with real control in Dartague are the various chieftains of the various clans, and there are hundreds. Historically, the clans often fought against one another, but things have settled down much in the last hundred or so years; outside threats, or the possibilities of outside threats, have made the clans work together more often, so a period of relative peace has been known in Dartague, especially the last 65 years.

For most of both nations' histories, there have been continual border clashes between Dartague and East Ursia (formerly Ursia). None of this clashes have turned into major battles, but there is some slight enmity between the two countries. The Dartague often do their share of looting and pillaging of their richer East Ursian neighbors, while the East Ursians are all about spreading the word of Ashal by the use of the sword.

The people of Dartague are your typical big, burly barbarians. Most are fair-haired and light-eyed. Though considered simple, if not downright stupid, by those of other nations, the Dartague actually are quite clever, especially in trade, hunting and combat. Though Dartague rarely leave their homeland, there have been known to be units of Dartague mercenaries that have sold out to the highest bidder ... and the price has always proved worthwhile.

Dartague is a cold nation most months of the year with harsh winters and short summers. Because of this, the people of Dartague are adept at surviving harsh weather conditiona, and are experts at creating warm clothing from animal skins.

The economy in Dartague is mostly one of bartering, with animal skins and gems being the most common exports. The Overchieftain does have coin minted, but they are rare among his countryfolk. Most minted gold or silver found in Dartague has been looted from East Ursia.

Traditionally the Dartague have had a simple religion of ancestor worship, but there are tales of ancient, long-forgotten gods who were once called upon by the Dartague ancestors. In the last half century, a growing number of Dartague have joined the Eastern Church of Ashal; whether this is by choice or because a sword was literally hanging over their necks is up to debate.


Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce that, pleaase?

Ty said...


DAR - tagh (as in aaaaagggghhhh, I'm dead).

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'd been wondering.