Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yep, another post about another country in my trilogy:


Jorsica is a northern nation, with most of its borders being taken up by a shoreline against the northern sea. Of its landed borders, Kobalos is to the east and Caballerus is to the south and west.

Jorsicans are descended from the same breed of hardy, northern stock that produced the Dartague and Kobalans. Jorsicans tend to be big with blonde hair and light features. They are the best tempered of the northerners, having a great sense of humor. However, they are also fine seamen and warriors. They are known as pirates and mercenaries, so a traveler in their nation would do well to not let the fine Jorsican sense of humor fool them into complacency. But despite their adeptness in piracy and war, Jorsicans are not a bloodthirsty people; they usually don't kill during pirate raids except in self defense, and have been known to show kindness to wounded enemies on the battlefield.

The Jorsicans, much like the Dartague, tend to worship their ancestors, though they sometimes will offer prayers to one of the nearly forgotten gods from their past. The word of Ashal has spread to Jorsica, as it has to most of the world, but few Jorsicans have taken up the call to join the True Church.

A king rules Jorsica, but again, much like in Dartague, his main power is in gathering military forces during a time of crisis or need. The kind also takes part in collecting taxes, but local chieftains control their regions.

Jorsicans are probably the most modern of the northern peoples, their few cities offering many modern conveniences that Kobalan and Dartague cities do not enjoy. Jorsicans use their own minted coin, but they are not above using that of other nations.

Jorsicans are also known as great wanderers and adventurers. Jorsicans can be found in any major city of the world, and are more than willing to tell tall tales of how they came to be there.

In recent history, Jorsica has been a peaceful nation. Unlike the Dartague, Jorsican clans have no history of fighting against one another, and there is very little trouble along the Jorsican borders. Piracy is about the worst crime that can be layed at the feet of the Jorsicans, but even in that line of work they are not bloodthirsty, so much has been overlooked by other nations.

Gems, animal furs and wool are common exports from Jorsica.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

I like the sound of these people.

You're having fun posting this, aren't you? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Jorsica... Jorsica... rhymes with Norsica?

Ty said...

Hmm ... never thought of that. So, sue me.