Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bluegrass Festival of Books

On April 21 is the Bluegrass Festival of Books at one of my all-time favorite book stores, Joseph-Beth. I'm kind of excited about this. There are planned to be more than 80 authors there, the biggest being Paula Deen (she of the Savannah, Ga., cooking TV show fame, whom my mother adores).

There are not a lot of big-name authors there, and next to no genre authors expected, but there will be a chance to talk to novelists and non-fiction writers and a few folks from the Writer's Digest books and magazine are expected to be there to talk about getting published.

There are a few sessions and workshops, some free and some not, but I'm hoping to stick my nose into at least one of them.

Who knows? Maybe I'll run into an agent there who will consider my stuff.

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