Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The third book, ugh!

Yes, the third book of my trilogy has turned out to be the toughest one to write. But it has also turned out to be the toughest to editr.

For one thing, the plot is a little back and forth. What I mean is, characters are jerked around in ways they definitely don't expect, so there is some runnning around on their parts that might seem totally random at first glance.

Second, is part of the subject matter. I've mentioned this before, but religion comes up in the story, which it had not done hardly in the first two books. Now, let me explain, if I can. The story doesn't become philosophical or spiritual. But religion plays a big role in the politics of some of the nations in my trilogy's world, so ... religion rears its head in my story. I'm not concsiously trying to say anything about organized religion in the story, but it's hard to ignore a humongous church that holds sway over millions of lives within my world.

So, I'm not overly enjoying editing this third book. There's some weird stuff going on that goes beyond normal levels of magic in most fantasy stories. I'm working to tone down all this weirdness, but my big fear is that I'll leave the reading saying, "Huh?"

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Anonymous said...

hang in there! i know what it's like to approach certain parts with dread. but rah rah you can do it! =D cyn