Saturday, June 09, 2007

News of the week

I had lots of bad news this week, some of it personal that I won't go into on the Web. Some of it financial, and again, I won't go into it on the Web.

But worst of all, I finally received the e-mail I've been waiting almost a year to read. It was from a book publisher. They're not interested in my trilogy.

But wait? What's this?

Another e-mail! It's from a publication.

Hmm? What could they want?

Oh. They've accepted a short story I sent them.

Now I'm dancin' a jig.

Writers. We're so easy. Just publish one of our stories.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Damn, Ty! My condolences on the trilogy, my congrats on the short! While the timing couldn't have been better, I'm sure we're all wishing along with you that the results were reveresed.

I'm sorry to not hear about the other negatives as well. Chin up, man!

cyn said...

boo. i don't like bad news. hope next week brings more good news than bad. the rejection sucks. but how exciting about the short story acceptance!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Hey, congratulations on the short story. Think of it as a big step toward eventual success with the bigger project. It's all about accumulating credentials.

And I will even suggest celebrating the financial woe. I'm in a rough spot myself financially and I have to say - living like a monk has done wonders for the writing!

Anonymous said...

Keep whipping the novel out there ... it'll take hold somewhere.

What was the short story sale, and when and where can I buy it? Because you know I will!

-- Steve