Thursday, June 07, 2007

Soundgarden lyrics

Hand of God
The hand of God is thick and callous,
Bruised and torn from stones and sticks.
The hand of God,
has got a ring about the size of Texas.

Rusty Cage
You wired me awake
And hit me with a hand of broken nails.
You tied my lead and pulled my chain
To watch my blood begin to boil.

I'm burning diesel,
burning dinosaur bones.

I'm gonna break
I'm gonna break my
I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run.

I'm looking California
and feeling Minnesota.

Till I'm up on my feet again
I'm feeling outshined.

Jesus Christ Pose
And you stare at me
In your Jesus Christ pose.
Arms held out
Like you've been carrying a load.
And you swear to me
You don't want to be my slave.
But you're staring at me
Like I need to be saved.

My Wave
Don't come over here
And piss on my gate.
Save it, just keep it
Off my wave.

Fell on Black Days
Whomsoever I've cured,
I've sickened now.
Whomsoever I've cradled,
I've put you down.

The Day I Tried to Live
I woke the same as any other day
Except a voice was in my head.
It said seize the day
pull the trigger
drop the blade
And watch the rolling heads.

The day I tried to live
I stole a thousand beggar's change
And gave it to the rich.

Words you say
never seem to live up to the ones inside your head.
The lives we make
never seem to ever get us anywhere but dead.

The day I tried to live
I wallowed in the blood and mud
with all the other pigs.
I woke the same as any other day,
you knowI should have stayed in bed.

And I learned that I was a liar,
Just like you.

4th of July
Pale in the flare light
The scared light cracks and disappears
And leads the scorched ones here.

And everywhere
no one cares
The fire is spreading.
And no one wants to speak about it.

Down in the hole,
Jesus tries to crack a smile,
Beneath another shovel load.

I heard it in the wind
And I saw it in the sky
And I thought it was the end
And I thought it was the 4th of July.

Blow Up the Outside World
Nothing seem to kill me
no matter how hard I try.
Nothing is closing my eyes
Nothing can beat me down for your pain or delight.
And nothing seems to break me
No matter how hard I fall
nothing can break me at all.
Not one for giving up though not invincible
I knowI've givin' everything I need
I'd give you everything I own
I'd give in if it could at least be ours alone.
I've given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down and
Blow up the outside world.

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