Friday, October 26, 2007

The drama that is my life of late

As no one here knows, because I've not mentioned it in any detail, my life has been hell the last few weeks.

See, we decided to move again. Our last house was too big and, frankly, too expensive. So, we found a new place. Two days before we had to be out of our old house, we found out we couldn't move into our new house yet because of construction work going on around the house. The city was doing major road and gas line work in front of the house, and behind and around the house were other construction jobs for other houses and townhouses.

All of this means, we had to be out of our old place, but we couldn't yet get into our new place. Initially we stayed in a hotel, but that gets expensive very quickly. And we have no relatives living near.

Which means since the first of October the wife and I have been staying with friends. And they have an extremely small house with only one bedroom. The wife slept on a bed we set up in their dining. Me? I've been on a couch.

But today ... finally, today ... we got the keys to the new place and the city has finished their work, so we can get into our new place.

I don't get off work until a little after midnight tonight. But I don't care. I'm still going to empty that damn storage unit, even if it means I don't get any sleep for three days. At least when I do get sleep, it will be on a bed again.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Oh damn, Ty! That is hell. Glad to hear the house is finally yours. Any chance of getting out of work at 11:58? :)

I'll be thinking of you - praying the weather stays clear and the loading/unloading goes quickly.

Even better, I won't expect any blogging replies from you till, oh, at least Tuesday!

Ty said...

Too late! They've asked me to work Sunday night! At least I'll have all day Saturday. Guess I'll have to split the move up over a few days this coming week.

cyn said...

moving is such a pain in the rear. and the back! good luck, ty. i'm glad you are in your new smaller more affordable home, tho. =)

Howard von Darkmoor said...

so how'd things go?

swell and dandy,
I hope.

Ty said...

Eh, things could be better, they could be worse.
My part-time newspaper jobs is working me 40 hours a week of late, which is good for the wallet but takes away a lot of time. And they keep screwing around with my schedule, so I never know what I'll be working.
All this means, I've not had time to rent a big truck, get some guys together and move all my crap. Instead, I move one or two small loads a day in my Explorer while we are sleeping on air mattresses (but actually pretty nice air mattresses, I must say) until I can borrow or rent a truck to move the beds.
In a way it's a pain in the ass, but in another way it's kind of nice. Gives us time to go through the boxes and bags and junk a little at a time.