Sunday, October 28, 2007

Television is the enemy, but not always

Okay, I have to admit, I don't have a lot good to say about television. It is evil. It destroys more brain cells than beer and pot combined. Yes, it can be relaxing to sit down in front of the tube after a day at the office, but you're rotting your brain.

Now, to be a hypocrite, I do watch a handful of shows from time to time. I don't rush home, or even try to be at home, when these shows are on, but if I have nothing else to do or the other half is watching TV, below are a few of the shows I will tolerate.

On Showtime. The serial killer is the good guy. You can't go wrong with that.

This show is in re-runs now after finishing last year, and it had a slow season or two, but overall I loved it. Again, the bad guys as the goodguys.

The Office
Hilarity ensues at work. The writing for this show is sometimes sheer genius.

My Name is Earl
I liked this one a lot early on, but it's dropped in favor with me since about halfway through the last season. It still has its moments.

Real Time with Bill Maher
I like Bill. I disagree with at least 75 percent of what he has to say,but I find his show informative and entertaining. I like many of his guests, and I don't feel like I'm being given a line of bull. Even when I don't agree with Bill, I at least feel he is passionate about what he is saying, and not just another talking head trying to squeeze out thisw eek's paycheck. Most talkshow hosts, and/or political talk hosts, give off a creepy vibe to me ... part of it preachy, part of it swarmy ...and I don't feel that from Bill; at least when he's being an ass, or acting silly, he's upfront about it.

That's about it. I will sometimes watch "Two and A Half Men," but find the show very hit and miss. If I live to be five thousand years old, I never need to see another episode of "Friends."


Howard von Darkmoor said...

"Boston Legal" makes me laugh.
"Smallville" has/had the best tangled relationship between the bad-guy-in-the-end and the good-guy-always. Despite the inanities or soap operish rest of the show, the relationship between Lex and Clark has been masterfully rendered, at least in seasons 1 through 4, halfway through 5. Now it's become hit-or-miss, but I still watch the show.
I'll be watching "24" and "Lost" in January, too.

Ty said...

Lost has just pissed me off.

24 has grown dull to me. The same old thing each year now.

"Boston Legal" I've only caught a few times, and it seemed pretty good. But I like Shatner in just about anything.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Yeah, "Lost" has about 2 episodes to either keep me or piss me outta the room, too.

Gere said...

You don't watch "Mythbusters" or "Dirty Jobs"? Check out the Discovery Channel.

Leigh Russell said...

What about Frazier?