Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quick writing update

One new story submitted this week, and an older story sent out also. Fifteen stories out making the rounds. Also queried an agent about the "City of Rogues" novel.

Also finished writing two new John Dee stories this week, though they still need editing.

See, I've been keeping busy. I'm really just writing this post to remind myself that I've been getting some work done. Feels like I've been languishing of late.

And that's not counting the Flashing Swords slush I've been reading and the two books I'm trying to wade through.


cyn said...

what is the city of rogues?
you sound very productive. =D

Ty Johnston said...

"City of Rogues" is the current working title of the first novel in my trilogy, followed by "Road to Wrath" and "Dark King of the North."
All just working titles that I've changed a couple of times before. Might change again. Who knows? At this point I'd leave it up to the publisher, unless they came up with something I felt was not appropriate.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Congrats on getting all that done, Ty! At this stage in the game, accomplishments of any sort are to be cheered!

Last night I planned to accomplish 4 specific things. I accomplished 3 of them and 6 others for a total of 9 . . . but I still felt incomplete as I didn't nail that 4 thing I set out to do. I'll be doing it tonight - if I get off people's blogs.

cyn said...

i love all three titles, ty. and you're right, publisher will tweak them anyway. as long as it doesn't turn into "lipstick, pantyhose and sharp swords" or something. ;*)

keep us posted on your agent search! i'm starting to query in late january, after my writing conf. *crosses fingers for both of us* =)

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Wow, cyn! You're good! Those really were Ty's first titles (and he even had his head put on Darkbow's body for the cover - imagine!), but I talked him into the current 3.

You must be a mind-reader or something ;)