Monday, May 26, 2008

Lots to walk about

As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, I’ve been walking a lot this year. Initially this was to improve my health, then I walked simply because I enjoy it, and now I walk even more because of the current prices of gasoline (heck, I even took a city bus to Wal-Mart today because it only cost me a dollar … it would’ve cost more than that for me to drive my SUV there and back).

I’m now averaging about three miles a day. That includes walks to my part-time newspaper job, the grocery, our local deli and other odds and ends places. I can even walk to pay most of our bills since we live downtown.

A lot, of course, can be said for walking. In general it improves the health, stamina and muscles being the most noticeable.

But, walking is also good for the mental processes (and perhaps, the spiritual aspects).
I think a lot when I walk. Sometimes it’s just silly stuff, like about a song.

But when walking I also do a lot of thinking about writing, about plot ideas or characters or the three stories or some chapters I’m supposed to be working on right now but just haven’t had the time (that’s a whole other blog post, but in the main I’m having to spend a LOT of time job hunting right now).

So, even when I’m not writing, I am writing. At least in my mind.


Anonymous said...

I've always walked everywhere when I'm trying to think/plot (which is almost always). My favorite places are actually woods and places where I can't be seen easily, because by then I'm usually talking to myself, rehearsing dialog and sometimes even the start of fight scenes. :D

cindy said...

i'm so happy to hear about your walking days, ty! i never liked it until i got pregnant. haha! then i really enjoyed it. it's a good time to admire the scenery and also to think, as you say. here's to the muse and cranking out more stories!