Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ruger 10-22 rifle

This is a fine weapon from Ruger. It is one of the best-made rifles I've had the pleasure to own, and in my hands it was so accurate I felt like I could shoot off the legs of a gnat at 500 yards.

Yes, with no kick, I could hit just about anything with this rifle. And I especially liked this gun because I often am critical of .22s. Many .22s seem kind of cheap, but this one was well-made and felt like it. It didn't feel like an oversized toy, like some .22 rifles or pistols feel in your hands; nope, it felt like a rifle.

Nice weight. Nice size. Accurate. Cheap ammo. Nothing could go wrong here.

And this thing never, ever jammed on me even after I put thousands and thousands of rounds through it. Which is more than I can say for most .22s I've owned and/or shot.
Throw in a bannana clip that holds 25 or 50 rounds, and the trigger action was so quick and smooth it was almost like firing on full auto.

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