Monday, May 19, 2008

No. 14 - The Founders' Second Amendment: The Origins of the Right to Bear Arms

by Stephen P. Halbrook

Started: May 19
Finished: May 29

Notes: I don't consider myself a gun nut, but I have owned a fair number of firearms and other weapons, and I enjoy target shooting. Plus, from time to time I like to read more political-oriented works. This is one of them, the first in a while really. And it's about the U.S. founding fathers, and I enjoy history.

Mini review: This is an excellent book for showing just how hardcore the founding fathers really were when it came to gun rights. I'm surprised they didn't include mandatory military service in the Bill of Rights, though there was the Militia Act of 1793 that made it law for all able-bodied men to have to have a firearm at home (the law wasn't repealed until 1903, but it had never been truly enforced). Whatever the arguments for stricter gun laws might be, they can't be based upon any ideas that the founding fathers weren't truly in touch with gun rights. Personally, I'll admit to being a complete hypocrite on the subject; I think I should be able to have whatever guns and ammo I want, but the rest of you goobers I don't trust with rocks and string.

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