Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taurus .22 6-shot revolver

Honestly, this has been the least-favorite weapon I've had the experience to own, and I sold it after having it for about six months or so. It's even put me off from buying any other Taurus firearms, which I'll admit might be a shame because Taurus is a fairly well known gun manufacturer and I suppose they must put out some decent weapons to stay in business.

The biggest problem with this revolver was it's misfiring, which means that it was pretty common for the bullets not to fire once the hammer had fallen and struck them. Out of each six shots, I'd guess at least one shell wouldn't fire, and sometimes even more. And it wasn't a problem with the ammunition, because I tried lots of different .22 ammo in this gun.

Also, unusual for me and revolvers, this one just didn't have a good fit to my hand. And, it felt kind of cheap. It did have a decent weight to it in my hands, but it just felt sort of shoddy. Again, maybe it was just this one bad gun I got. Taurus might make plenty of great firearms.

As with most .22s, this one was really only a plinking gun, for target shooting and practice and such. I originally bought it because I wanted a revolver to practice with. Ammo for .22s is extremely cheap, so it makes sense financially to use a .22 for lots of practice shooting.

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chris said...

that is sad because it was a bad firing pin, super cheap and easy to fix. dont let that put you off of taurus. my favorite .22 was a 8 shot that looked nearly identical to yours. it was accurate and well balanced. hope you found a replacement you like. thanks for sharing your story.