Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smith and Wesson 586 .357 magnum

Okay, okay. Without a doubt, this is my all-time favorite firearm. Yes, I realize it's a revolver, which means it doesn't have the firepower of semi-auto handguns. Yes, I realize it's a revolver, which also means it doesn't have the range of a long weapon. Yes, I realize it's a revolver ... but it's FRICKIN' AWESOME.

Everything about this gun is perfect for me. It has a good weight in my hands. It has a solid feel in my hands. The craftsmanship is perfect. It's a .357 magnum, which has one of the best (if not THE best) one-shot-drop ratio of any caliber bullet, and this gun will also fire .38s. And to add to all this, I'm a dead-eye shot with this thing. Mine's just short of a six-inch barrel, which I find perfect; a shorter barrel drops the range and a longer barrel makes a gun more difficult to carry.

Made by the fine folks of Smith and Wesson.

I could go on and on about this firearms, I love it so much, but I think you get the picture. Even in the age of modern semi-automatic pistols, this thing is a man-stopper. It wouldn't be great for hunting large prey, but it's a perfect home-defense weapon and would still be tolerably (as compared to modern military weaponry) dangerous in combat.


Anonymous said...

Amen. I just bought a Smith and Wesson 586 with a 6 inch barrel. Its a good shooting gun. I prefer to shoot it with the .38 special rounds. But its reasonable to shoot with a .357 round. I prefer the revolers to the autos as well. Because Autos can jam up. So I'd rather have 2 loaded revolvers at hand than 1 auto with a magazine in a defense situation.

Anonymous said...

my father had a 6" barrel 586-1 w/wooden handles.had to sell for financial reasons.gun said to be discontinued in 99'.if u know where to find at affordable price.

Jordan Sulkers said...

My father gave me this gun and I couldn't agree with you more. I own Heckler & Koch 9mm, a Kimber Covert .45 and although this is the least fancy, the S&W 586 is hands down my favorite gun. Its simple, accurate and it will stop anyone in their tracks.

sean said...

I'm 25 yrs. old and in love with revolvers as much as i'm in love with 1911's. A revolver is a simple and precise approach to simplicity and efficiency. no need to apologize for liking a revolver, Ty. I've got 4 S&W revolvers and currently no semi's, but i'll be getting another 1911 within a few months. i've been looking for a 586 6in. for quite some time to give to my dad. it was his all time favorite when he was a marine. i gave him a model
J-60 Pro with custom trigger and such, but i should have just found him a 586. what can i say, S&W just knows how to make a good revolver. my model 66-5 Combat Mag. will never leave my collection.