Thursday, January 08, 2009

No. 6 - We Have Always Lived in the Castle

by Shirley Jackson

Started: January 8
Finished: January 10

Notes: If you aren't familiar with author Shirley Jackson, you should be, especially if you have interests in being a writer of dark fiction. Jackson is probably best known for her story "The Lottery." I've read some of her short fiction, but this is the first novel of hers that I've opened.

Mini review: An excellent tale. Basically, hopefully without giving too much away, this is the story of a small town's local haunted house, or more accurately, how it became to be the local legend that it is. There are no ghosts to be found here, but there is plenty that's deeply disturbing, mostly dealing with one family's history and their secrets. Modern reading audiences might find this one a bit slow going, but the book is short and I enjoyed it immensely.

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