Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking a break

My life, as has been the case so much for the last couple of years since I moved back to my hometown, is a mess of late. Yet again, I need a new job.

But I'm not here today to write about all the woes of unemployment and unpaid bills, etc.

I'm writing about my current projects.

I'm taking some time off.

No, I'm not stopping writing. But I've recently finished the latest (and maybe last?) round of rewrites on my fantasy trilogy. My original plan was to then get to work editing a novel of a friend of mine, but he told me to hold off for a while because he's doing some rewriting.

So, what to do? I have plans for another novel, but I don't want to get into a project that big right now while I'm busy looking for work.

Instead, I'm going back to short stories, at least for a while. I'm currently editing/rewriting two short stories I wrote several months back then shelved them for a while to let them stew. Once I'm finished with those two stories and have them sent off to editors, I'll probably start some new stories.

Short stories have become a break for me, while novels are more like work.

So, I'm taking a break. But I'm still writing. Happy? I am.


cindy said...

ty, wishing you luck on the job search and writing!

von Darkmoor said...

Ty - yes, I too am keeping my fingers crossed for you. If RBE was anything like a successful company that could afford to take on an employee I'd snap you up in a heartbeat (and I hope that's more encouraging than it seems to sound).

Take care, be strong and of good courage - you will survive!

Ty Johnston said...

Jason, mail me the application form. And is there a background check? Not that I need to know for any particular reason. Just curious. ;-)