Friday, March 13, 2009

Latest writing project

After spending the last several months working on short stories, I've begun a new novel. I'm only a few thousand words into it at this point, but I've got the majority of it planned out already and the characters are alive in my head. It might turn out to be only a novella, but time will tell.

I'm giving myself a lot of free rein with this one. I'm trying not to second-guess myself on anything I write, and to trust myself as a writer. At least on the first draft. We'll see what happens with later drafts.

As with any writing project, this one brings new challenges. For this project, the biggest challenge for me will be that this one is a mainstream novel, possibly even literary. Yes, I'm staying away from any speculative elements.

This is a novel I've had in mind for some while now. It's something I want to write for my father, who is no longer young. I want to at least finish this while he is still around and kicking.

Publishing? That would be great. But if not, I'll move on to the next project.

I'm not giving up on fantasy and horror, but I am taking a break. I think I'm kind of burnt out on fantasy at the moment, mainly because I've spent so much of the last four years writing fantasy.

Also, my reading is going to take more of a literary turn for a while. This should help me keep my momentum on the current project.

The title? So far, it's "Looking for America."

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