Saturday, March 14, 2009

No. 20 - Boxing Stories

by Robert E. Howard

edited by Chris Gruber

Started: March 14
Finished: March 21

Notes: As I just finished a biographical book about this author, I thought it only fitting I tear into some of his fiction for a while. This is a collection of Howard's boxing stories, which is a first for me because I've only been familiar with his Sword and Sorcery material, which is what he's best remembered for. Anyway, I've always found Howard to be a heck of a writer, and it'll be interesting to read something different from him.

Mini review: If the cover had not said these were Robert E. Howard stories, I would never have known he was the author. Myself being only familiar with his S&S stories before now, found this quite a delight in seeing the man could write in quite different styles. It's still great writing, though most of these tales were written when he was in his early 20s. I think his best stuff was yet to come, but again, there's quality writing here. I would never have thought Howard could write with such humanity. And comedy! A good number of these stories were quite funny. Another thing that surprised me was the patriotism showed in a good number of these tales, not something I would have suspected him of (not that I thought Howard was unpatriotic). Anyone who has read only Howard's Conan stories has done themselves a disservice; give some of his non-fantasy readings a try.

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NewGuyDave said...

Good to know. There are a few non-fics about Howard to that I might delve into.