Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ariel to be republished

Got some great news in my e-mail today. One of my all-time favorite fantasy books, Ariel, is going to be reprinted and is scheduled to come out August 26, 2009.

Wait! The news gets better! After 26 years, there's a sequel to the book! Yep, Elegy Beach is scheduled to be released November 3, 2009.

And the author, Steven R. Boyett, is at work writing another book. Which also has me excited. Besides Ariel, Mr. Boyett has written some short stories I like, including one of my favorite zombie stories, "Like Pavlov's Dog." So I'm looking forward to any new material from him.

To give a little hint of what can be found in Ariel, it's a sort of post-apocalyptic story set in the near-future. The world has shifted. Electricity no longer works. Guns no longer work. And fantasy creatures, like unicorns and ogres and the like, are coming out of the woodwork. What to do? Grab your sword and crossbow!

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