Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kind words indeed

Julius, over at his Chapter Desu! blog, has had some very kind words to say about my story "The Way the Sunlight Lies Upon Her Hair" found here at Every Day Fiction.

My favorite part was:

"I got really inspired by one of the submissions there. It was under a thousand words. It was simple, straightforward and delivered what it wanted. It infiltrated my mind and set me thinking about it hours after finishing the story. I recommend anyone and everyone to take a look. It’s under a thousand words. Bite-size. So do check it out: The Way The Sunlight Lies Upon Her Hair by Ty Johnston. P.S: Don’t get fooled by the title. It’s not what you think it is."

I believe those are some of the most flattering remarks I've ever heard from a reader.
Thanks, Julius! And keep working on that novel! You'll get there.

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Julius said...

Those weren't kind words but heartfelt words from the bottom of my heart. I was inspired. :D Taught me a great deal about how a great flash fiction should be like. xD