Sunday, April 26, 2009

No. 26 - Afraid

by Jack Kilborn

Started: April 26
Finished: April 30

Notes: Jack Kilborn is actually a pseudonym for mystery novelist J.A. Konrath. I've read one of Joe's novels and some of his short stories, and find them pretty good, so I'm interested to read his new novel "Afraid," his debut as a horror novelist (though his Jack Daniels mystery books have a fair share of horror).

Mini review: Quite the appropriate title. This is a disturbing one, especially at first when the reader isn't quite aware of what the bad guys are. Fear of the unknown spurs this novel along well for a good while. Then when you do realize what the good guys are up against, you don't feel much better about the situation. This book packs a whallop, big time. No mamby bamby Stephen King small-town nicey monsters here. This is hard-hitting, death and torture. The weak of heart need not read this one, because it's that strong in places. The book's not completely dripping with gore. No, it's not out-and-out slaughter punk. There are stories to be found here, personal stories for the characters. But there's plenty that will keep you up at night wondering if you should check out the closet or look out a window to see what that sound was. And then you realize, it doesn't really matter if you check or not. Because it wouldn't do you any good. Extreme horror fans will love this novel. If you're one of those readers who likes your horror on the lighter side (ie. King and Koontz and the like), then this one won't be for you.

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