Monday, January 18, 2010

No. 4 - Gardens of the Moon

by Steven Erikson

Started: January 18
Finished: January 31

Notes: I recently finished another book in this fantasy series, and was hankering for some more, so here it is. At least this time I'm starting with the first book in the Malazan series.

Mini review: Probably my least favorite of the three Malazan books I've read so far, but there was still plenty here to like, especially the characters. What I liked least here was that I felt the plotting was a bit off, especially towards the end where it seemed there were a hundred characters all doing a bunch of stuff at the same time, thus making it difficult to keep up with what all of them were doing. However, this was the writer's first novel, so I'm more than willing to cut him some slack, especially considering I know the series gets better. Over all, the writing was pretty solid, and I like the characters quite a bit. Yes, I'm sold on this series. I'll be reading more.

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von Darkmoor said...

Cool. And yes, I was wondering how someone who read more recent titles in the series would react to GOTM.

It's my 2nd to least favorite book in the series - yet at the same time it contains the root of why I salivate to read the series, the genuine hook of several characters I love, and, quite honestly, it's what I want to write - epic-sized S&S; S&S characters in an epic tale. And I think the whole thing simply marvelous.