Saturday, May 07, 2011

Books read in 2011: No. 19 - Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, Sixth edition

Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekendby Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. and William R. Stanek

Started: May 7
Finished: May 29

Notes: I'm reading this book more for motivational purposes than anything. While I'm experienced at the basics of online marketing, it's not something I necessarily enjoy all the time, though I do sometimes. Of late, I haven't much, so maybe this book will give me some new ideas and help kickstart me into action.

Mini review: This was a very easy book to read, but I took my time with it, studying it a little every day. Unfortunately, I was quite bored. Though I don't blame that on this book's information. What it came down to was I already knew pretty much everything this book had to tell. However, I did learn a few new things and got a couple of ideas. So it was not a waste of my time.

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