Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books read in 2011: No. 20 - A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty

A Narrative Of The Mutiny, On Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty; And The Subsequent Voyage Of Part Of The Crew, In The Ship's Boatby William Bligh

Started: May 10
Finished: May 11

Notes: Though it has been a couple of decades, I've read a fair amount about the mutiny aboard the ship the Bounty in the late 18th Century. However, I've never read the captain's firsthand account of the events. A short read, and another freebie for the Kindle, I should make quick sport of this one. And perhaps it'll open my eyes a little more to the historical events.

Mini review: There was actually very little here about the actual mutiny itself, but this was still an interesting read. Most of it was about the survival of Bligh and his crew of 18 aboard a small, 23-foot boat as they sailed more than 3,500 miles to safety.

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