Monday, September 26, 2011

100 sites for fiction writers: #60 - Nookboards

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.


In the modern digital publishing world, it seems the Kindle e-reading device gets all the love from the media, fans, readers and even writers. The truth is, however, there are plenty of other dedicated e-reading devices available on the market, one of the more popular of which is the Nook, sold by Barnes & Noble.

It would be a mistake for a writer to ignore the millions of potential customers and fans offered through the Nook. But how to keep up with everything that is Nook related?

Easy. Check out the Nookboards site.

As it appears on first glance, Nookboards is a blog about all things Nook. It's not a blog that is updated often, but that's fine because where this site really shines is in its Forum.

Much like the Kindleboards forum, except for Nook lovers, the Nookboards forum has thousands of users who drop in regularly to discuss the Nook, books, and just about anything else Nook related.

Writers might get frustrated because this forum might seem like just another place to have to watch online, another social network in which one has to follow. But don't look at it like that. Look at Nookboards and its forum as another site for promoting oneself and one's writing.

Of course you don't want to go in with all barrels blazing, only promoting, promoting and promoting. This will drive away and make angry any number of potential fans. Simply go to the site and hang out. Chat with others. Talk about things that interest you. From time to time it will be okay to mention your e-books or books, but don't push. If you try to actively take part in the Nookboard community, people will begin paying attention.


Charles Gramlich said...

It took me a while but I got Killing trail up on Nook finally and have gotten a few bucks from it. I should check the nookboards out.

Michael E. Walston said...

I'll be taking a look, and thanks for the tip.

But my book, which I published via Smashwords, is currently appearing on the B&N website minus its cover.

Which will hopefully be corrected soon, but in the meantime it would tend to make me feel a bit self-conscious...