Monday, September 26, 2011

Books read in 2011: No. 45 - Format Your Ebook for Kindle in One Hour

by Derek J. Canyon

Started: September 26
Finished: September 26

Notes: I don't do much beyond basic formatting for my e-books, but I'm always interested in picking up anything new. So that's why I decided to read this one.

Mini review: I basically learned something I already knew, that I don't want to get into HTML for formatting my e-books. I know basic HTML, but I find it more cumbersome than necessary for e-books, at for what I do. Still, this e-book did show me a few things in case I should ever want to do them. Worth reading for the basics.


Charles Gramlich said...

With a little practice I think it would take less than an hour.

Alexander said...

You are right. I totally agree with you, Charles.