Wednesday, October 19, 2011

100 sites for fiction writers: #70 - Publish Your Own Ebooks

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Publish Your Own Ebooks

More and more fiction writers, long-time pros and beginners alike, are turning to self-publishing their own e-books. Today's technology makes it relatively easy for a writer to put together an e-book and get it in front of potential readers. Unfortunately, this can be  daunting task to those who are starting out learning about e-books.

That's where a site like Publish Your Own Ebooks comes in handy. It's sort of a one-stop place for everything having to do with self-publishing e-books. There are plenty of news and informational articles about Writing,Publishing and Selling e-books. There are even numerous articles about E-book Readers, for those who need to find out about these devices.

To get all of this information in an up-to-date format, you can sign up for a Newsletter.

A lot of the information and news provided is stuff one could find elsewhere online, but the great thing about the Publish Your Own Ebooks site is that this information has been gathered together in one place.

Their are tips and advice to be found here, much of it necessary for the beginners, but the news articles about e-books and self-publishing are just as important. Self-published writers need to keep up with publishing news because the business and technology can affect their writing, their marketing and their sales.


Shah Wharton said...

Thanks for this link and info! Its bookmarked :) Shah. X

Charles Gramlich said...

I definitely need to visit this site.

Kindle How To Publish said...

Being able to publish your own books can made a huge difference in your life, and it is now easier than ever to get started. You can do the same thing to grow your business by thinking about the topics you will write about, laying your foundation as you go along, and having a follow up and follow through system in place to ensure long term profitability.