Friday, December 30, 2011

My secret goal for 2012

I wrote the other day about my goals for 2012, but I intentionally left out one big, specific goal. Why? Because it's a crazy goal, a crazy idea. I'm still going to try for it, but I'm not brave enough yet to talk about that goal with others (except for my wife, who has agreed to help).

This goal is nuts. Truly nuts. But I should know by the end of January if I even have a hope of accomplishing it. It's going to mean a lot of work, and yes, it is related to writing.

So, toward the end of January, one way or another, I'll be blogging about this goal of mine. I'll be letting others know if I think I can accomplish it, or if it's just a crazy dream.

Remind me, please, in case I forget. Because I'm going to be busy.


Keith said...

You've piqued my curiosity, Ty. Whatever it is, go for it. You might not succeed, but you'll grow and learn things in the process of trying. If you don't try, you could wind up with regrets. Good luck!

David J. West said...

Best of luck Ty.

Charles Gramlich said...

Intriguing. You've got me wondering!

Lyn Perry said...

You're going to publish an encyclopedia! ;) jk'ing - but hope it works out whatever the project may be.

Darby said...

Don't tease!