Sunday, January 01, 2012

100 sites for fiction writers: #96 - Novel Spaces

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Novel Spaces

Writers learn from other writers. Unfortunately, sometimes writers only stick to one or two particular genres, their favorites, when studying other writers. While this might seem natural, it can also create situations in which writers do not try something different or something new because ... well, simply because they haven't been exposed to other genres, other types of writing, other ways of telling a tale.

A site like Novel Spaces can come in handy, then, by opening one's eyes to other genres and other writers. At Novel Spaces, more than a dozen fiction writers from a variety of backgrounds and who write in a variety of genres have come together to blog. Here you will find Jewel Amethyst, a poet and romance writer from the Caribbean; Charles Gramelich, a Louisiana professor who pens fantasy, horror and Western tales; Devon Vaughn Archer, an author of urban literature as well as romance and mainstream fiction; and many, many more.

At this blog one regularly finds advice about writing, information about publishing, and sometimes simply matters that are on writers' thoughts. It's a great place for writers to become familiar with other genres, to stretch their boundaries and consider other options, to spread their talent perhaps to limits undreamed.

Novel Spaces also allows for Guest Spots, so if you are a writer who would like to introduce yourself to this blog's audience, you might consider a guest post.

Novel Spaces is also a great place for Giveaways. If you like free books or e-books (and who doesn't?), check the site regularly to find out what is available.

Best of all, for readers, Novel Spaces can help you discover writers and books with which you might be unfamiliar. And we all love discovering new writers.

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Charles Gramlich said...

There's been a lot of good posts on Novel Spaces lately. We decided to rededicate ourselves to keeping the focus on the writing. Thanks for the mention.