Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 17 - Echoes of Olympus

by Darrin Drader

Started: March 6
Finished: March 8

Notes: This is a novella from a fellow member of the Monumental Works Group. My understanding is this novella is sort of a preview to a longer novel which will be coming out either later this year or in 2013. I've not been reading much fantasy lately, which has been intentional because I felt I was suffering some burnout after reading and writing so much fantasy last year, but now it's time to dip my beak back in.

Mini review: Quite the nice introduction to a fantasy world based more upon Greek mythology and history. This one is a bit more than just fantasy, though, also containing some alternate history. I liked where the story was going, and the characters. Structurally I might have laid the story out a little different, utilizing a different starting point, but that was just me. There's action here, but I would have preferred to have seen it a little earlier in the story. But that's just me. Solid writing keeps the story from becoming drab, so no worries there. The characters I found truly interesting, and it'll be interesting to watch them fleshed out further in the longer novel.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Pretty cool cover. Attractive woman!