Thursday, March 08, 2012

Appalachian literary novel 'More Than Kin' available in print

My Appalachian literary novel 'More Than Kin' is now available in print at Amazon at this link.

The cover is different than the e-book version, but I still believe it is somewhat reminiscent of it. I actually like the e-book cover better, but I didn't think it looked good in print, so I went with an Amazon cover, a bit simple but not out of the realm for this story.

Here is the description:

Walt Johnson has been a rolling stone most of his life, moving from town to town and living on the edges of homelessness. Now he has run out of time as lung cancer has left him only months to live. Walt then begins a quest to find the son with whom he lost contact decades earlier. Out of money, he lands a job at a small-town restaurant in an attempt to save enough to buy a bus ticket to the last known whereabouts of his son. The friends Walt makes at his new job soon become family for him, especially 14-year-old Danny who is emotionally paralyzed at the loss of his own father in Iraq. Faced with Danny’s struggles to grow up and the struggles of his other new friends, Walt comes to realize he is not only on a journey to find his own son, but he is on a journey to find himself worthy of being a father.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I like the cover. Always love a good trail through the woods. I have this on Kindle and still need to read it.