Sunday, March 18, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 23 - Duma Key

by Stephen King

Started: March 18
Finished: March 29

Notes: As I'm still in the mood for some horror, why not turn to the modern master? This is one of a few King books I've not read, so here goes.

Mini review: So I start this Pocket Books trade paperback and get to page 54, and it suddenly jumps to page 87. The missing pages have not been torn out. They have not been moved elsewhere in the book. They're just not there. I guess I'll read something else until I can get another copy. Update: Finally got a new copy of this novel, so now I'm off to read it. Another update: Now that I'm finished ... I have to say, this is the best King book I've read in quite a while, and the man can always write. For me, this was one of the most emotional stories he has ever told, the only other one that hit me harder being his Wizard and Glass, the fourth of the Dark Tower books. Mr King, it is likely we will never meet, but I salute you. Bravo.

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