Saturday, April 07, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 29 -- The Voice (Tales of the Endlands)

by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Started: April 7
Finished: April 8

Notes: This short story by Gray, a fellow member of the Monumental Works Group, is now available by itself but will soon be part of a collection titled Shadow to Shadow: Dark Tales of The Endlands. His writing is good enough to have made me jealous on a few occasions, so here I go again, expecting to be jealous. Again.

Mini review: I have to say, there was quite the beautiful, almost lyrical language here in numerous spots. At first this struck me as a little unusual (though not in a bad way) for what seems to be part of an epic fantasy tale and/or world, but it fit the story perfectly, giving a depth I find often lacking in such literature. Again, Scott Fitzgerald Gray has surprised and impressed me. I will be quite shocked if in 10 years his name is not mentioned alongside those of Martin, Erikson and the like.

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