Sunday, April 08, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 30 -- Harvest of War

by Charles Allen Gramlich

Started: April 8
Finished: April 8

Notes: Charles Gramlich writes in numerous different genres of fiction, but epic fantasy is not one I normally associate with him. So, that being said, when I found out Charles had a story available in the genre, I had to snag it up.

Mini review: Now this is what epic fantasy should be all about. Plenty of action but also plenty of thought. And who says a story about orcs can't be touching? To all my epic fantasy pals reading this, you need to check out this e-book by Charles.


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, man. I appreciate the kind words.

Ty Johnston said...

Any time I can offer some praise to a fine piece of literature, I'm more than willing. It was well worth it, and thanks for the story.