Monday, April 16, 2012

Fiction author Aliya Anjum also pens travel writings

1.) As a Pakistani writer, you naturally bring an approach that will be somewhat unfamiliar to some Kindle readers. Do you think your background allows your writing to bring something new, possibly exotic to some readers?

First of all, thank you for the opportunity to engage readers on your blog through this interview. As for your question, indeed, my worldview and the themes I cover are certainly different from your average American writer. I do try to offer my readers glimpses into other cultures and peoples, although I am not sure how successful I am at that. We are living in the most interesting times of human history, where the entire world is linked on real-time basis. Within the U.S. itself, diversity makes possible getting to know cultural flavors. However, cultural imports may differ a tad from home cultures. I discuss foreign settings juxtaposed with American settings. I hope that my reader is able to walk away with a greater appreciation of the common thread of humanity across cultures.

2.) Besides fiction, you have also penned a non-fiction e-book about travel. Where are some of the places you have visited?  Which one was your favorite?

I have visited the length and breadth of Pakistan, including the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Pakistan-India border and many towns and places with intriguing history and breath taking landscapes. I've visited Southern Pakistan where cotton was first cultivated 5,000 years ago and seen a 500-year-old necropolis (one of the largest in the world) there. I’ve visited cities in western Pakistan famous for their central importance in the ancient Indian, Buddhist and Hindu empires. I’ve also stood where Alexander the Great once stood. I’ve also visited a hillside Army mess in Kashmir, where the UN Observers were stationed.

Outside of Pakistan, I've been to Italy, Egypt, the United States, Bahrain, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and Greece. It’s hard to pick a favorite as every country has great things to offer. Italy however, has a special place in my heart.

See 15 Beautiful Pictures of Pakistan for photos of some of the places Aliya Anjum has traveled.

3.) What are some of your future goals as a writer?

To become a best-selling author and to be translated into many languages, one day ...

4.) Your short story "Mandy Marries a Muslim" deals with the potentially touchy subject of two people from very different religious and societal backgrounds coming together in matrimony. Is there any hint of truth to this story?  Not that the story itself is true, but have you experienced or known others who have experienced similar situations as presented in your story?

I would like to say that all fiction has a grain of truth to it. As for my story, love knows no boundaries, especially since at the end of the day, we are nothing more than just living, breathing human beings who all seek the same things in life no matter what the color of our skin, what language we speak and what religion we believe in. Surprisingly this simple fact is overlooked and people across the world harbor fears about the others.

5.) What are your favorite dishes to eat?

Boiled rice with lentil soup, Chicken Nihari, Pasta, Bihari Chicken.

6.) What kinds of music do you enjoy?

Anything with a catchy beat.

For more on the books of Aliya Anjum, visit her Amazon author's page and her Smashwords page.

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Finley J. MacDonald said...

Interesting interview. Too bad the primary connection raising awareness of that part of the world is a military one.