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True crime author R.J. Parker offers free books to those in uniform

RJ, so far your writing has exclusively been in the true crime field, much having to do with serial killers. What drew you to this type of writing, and will you continue to write about true crime, or are other topics, possibly even fiction, in your future?

I have been an avid reader for over 30 years and really enjoyed fictional stories that included serial murders. I also read all of John Douglas books, who is my FBI hero, and he coined much of the terminology used today when talking about serial killers. I don't have much of an imagination so I never attempted fiction, and I wanted to write after reading thousands of books, so I decided to write on what I know best, serial killers. I have been offered recently to co-write with a NY bestselling author about a fictional serial killer, so yes, it is very likely that you will see fiction in my future.

You mention on your website you started writing after becoming disabled. It seems I've heard of and known a number of writers who have had similar experiences, my own not being far from it through a heart condition. If you had not suffered from Anklyosing Spondylitis, do you think you would ever have taken up writing?

Absolutely. This arthritic disease simply sped up the process because once I learned how to deal with this cripling diability, I started to focus more on my abilities, rather than disabilities.

Some seem to label or think of serial killing and mass murder as mainly an American phenomenon. What is your take on this?

Yeah, I've heard that. According to the FBI, 85% of the world's serial killers are American. Yet, the U.S. accounts for only 2% of the world's population. That being said, the worst killers actually are from other countries, ie, Dr. Harold Shipman killed 250 plus people. How about Hitler as a mass murderer, and Stalin? At any given time in America, there are between 30-50 active serial killers. That is scary.

Also on your site, you offer your Kindle books for free to law enforcement, firefighters, Allied soldiers, correctional officers, EMTs, etc. What prompted you to do this? And do you have a background in any of these fields?

I am actually a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI Agent. Okay, not really, but I would have loved to be. I don't have a background in law enforcement, but many of my family members are or have been soldiers, police officers and firefighters. I am a very patriotic person. I'm Canadian, but I'm still a part of North America so I am patriotic to both our countries. Before I published, I promised myself that no soldier or men and women in uniform who do so much in protecting and serving their countries, will ever have to pay for my books. Since Jan. 1 this year, I have gifted over 600 free books and have gotten hundreds of beautiful e-mails telling me that is so kind of me. I always write back and thank them personally for their service. I've met a lot of beautiful people this way. I've been Blessed by God with very good sales so that I can afford to gift these books. By the way, I have to pay full price for every book I gift.

Do you consider yourself well read in true crime literature? If so, who are some of your favorite writers?

First and foremost, John Douglas is my favorite. Since I was a young boy, I always wanted to be an FBI Agent from watching the show at the time, The FBI starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (who is 93 years young). I found out in my early teens that I couldn't be with the FBI because I was Canadian ... what a disappointment, I still remember it. Getting back to John Douglas, I really enjoyed his books: Mind Hunters, Inside the Mind of BTK, Obsession, and The Cases that Haunt Us. He has other books, but those were my favorite and inspiration to write. Other great authors are: Gary King, Brian King, Ann Rule and Jack Olsen, just to name a few.

What criminal of any type have you personally found to be the most interesting, the most worth studying?

Oh boy, there are so many. I think the most interesting was Ted Bundy.He was one smooth operator and could sell ice to an eskimo. He was devious and a downright psychopath. Yet, he was very intelligent.

In closing, I also want to mention that I give a percentage of my royalties to Victims of Violent Crimes. It's not about how much we can get, but how much we give.

Thanks, RJ!

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