Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Science, fantasy mixed in Alisa Jeruconoka's novel

1.) Alisa, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us something about your writing and you as a writer?

I live in London and studied medicine at university. However on leaving I found a career as a professional business interpreter and did this for several years before deciding to become a writer.

My mum from a young age got me into writing fantasy fiction as a way to make my homework more enjoyable. I found it easy to write about imaginary worlds and characters and loved doing this so much that I carried on writing in my spare time during college and university, where some of my stories were published or performed by the drama department.

2.) What has drawn you to write young adult fantasy literature?

It all happened about two years ago when I visited a bookstore with my fourteen-year-old niece. Whilst choosing a book for her to read, I noticed that nearly all the books in her age group were urban fantasies about vampires and werewolves. It was then that I decided I would write a book with the aim of re-introducing this age group to richly imagined Science and Fantasy fiction, a genre that looked as though it had been forgotten in today’s YA book market.

3.) What is unique about your writing? What won't readers find elsewhere?

I hope what my readers find unique about my book is the way I have merged two genres together, fantasy fiction and science fiction. The challenge for me was not to let one take over the other in the story or writing style.

I have also added an educational element to the book where I introduce young adults to the wonders of the universe as well as advances made in genetic engineering and how non-humans may use these.

4.) Who are some authors who have influenced you?

Some of the writers who have most influenced me are Neil Gaiman, Mark Chadbourn, Kim Newman and Jason Pargin (his pseudonym is David Wong). I just love the way you instantly like their characters and quickly fall into their stories, both of these things is something I would love my readers to experience when reading Unparallel Worlds.

5.) Do you prefer print books or e-books? Or is it all the same to you?

I’m a bit old school and if I have the time I love going to the bookstore to look through the books they have and buying something in print. However I do buy and enjoy e-books, especially those I can’t find in print.

6.) Milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate?

As a women, ‘YES’ to all of them! But if pushed then I would go for dark chocolate with a great cup of coffee.

Alisa adds ...

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Charles Gramlich said...

Good interview. I think YA fiction is pretty popular at the moment so I wish you great luck with your work.